Your Business, Your Life, Your Lawyers.

The Law Offices of Howell & Sabrin are dedicated to you and your business’ civil needs. From contract review and LLC formation, to litigation and defense. We have been serving the greater San Antonio area for 13 years and carry that experience and professionalism onto every client and project.

Areas of Focus

Howell and Sabrin offers a variety of expertise in fields of law, focused on business operation and civil litigation. Below are our areas of work.

Business Law

From formation to documentation to litigation, we have spent years assisting small to medium-sized businesses start up and prosper. We take pride in assisting those who run their own businesses in every aspect of keeping their life’s-blood pumping, including contracts, trademarks and other intellectual property, litigation (prosecution and defense), and everything in-between. Contact us and let us protect your dream at a price you can afford.

Intellectual Property

We have years of experience working with clients to register trademarks and copyrights, as well as prosecuting claims to protect those properties.


When someone puts a document in front of you to sign, don’t sign it without consulting an attorney. For an affordable price, we can break the contract down so that you know the ins and outs of what you are committing yourself to, and whether you can and should negotiate for changes to be made. Don’t make a mistake that will cost you thousands later; have a competent attorney from H&S review and advise you for a fraction of what you could end up paying in the future.

Civil Litigation

H&S has a proven track record when it comes to civil litigation matters in general. Whether in front of a jury or a judge, our litigation team has a reputation of fighting for its clients in a way that also benefits them in negotiating settlement. Unlike some attorneys, our team has no fear of the courtroom, and that reputation only benefits you throughout your case.


While H&S handles simple probate cases, some issues go beyond a simple will. That’s why we have partnered with some of the most talented Estate and Probate attorneys in Texas reaching from the border to Dallas/Fort Worth.


From simple deeds to property line and easement disputes, the ownership of real property comes with a number of legal issues. Whether it involves the transfer of land or work being done to it, H&S can help you navigate the hurdles you come across.