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Think Before You Post: Internet Media and Changes in the Law

Although many of us regard Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter as great places to keep in touch with friends, Texas law has recently evolved in a way that makes posting to these sites a potential legal liability to you and your friends.

Photographs, personal information, and blogs posted to MySpace have all been used as evidence against defendants in the areas of criminal and family law.

In the case of Munoz v. State for example, pictures of the defendant posted on MySpace that depicted the defendant associating with known gang members were used to uphold his conviction for aggravated assault.

Similarly, in the realm of family law, in Dexter v. Dexter, the appellant's MySpace postings led the trial court to find that the daughter's best interests could be adversely affected by this lifestyle.

The moral then: be extremely cautious when posting information to the Internet and remove pictures and posts that may put you at risk in case you find yourself in court. As this kind of information increasingly finds its way into court, it's better to be cautious and limit the kind if information that you make publicly available before it catches up with you later.

Caitlin Howell